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New York’s democracy is in crisis. Our outdated laws create barriers to voting. Up to 2 million voting-age citizens in our state are not registered to vote, and we fall to the bottom of national turnout rankings. 

We need to take down barriers and guarantee the right to vote for every eligible New Yorker. We want to make sure that every eligible New Yorker can register and cast a ballot.

Our democracy is strongest and works best when everyone is able to participate. New York needs to take the lead.

Specifically, we call on you to support the following legislation:

Voter Empowerment Act, S3304 and A2279, to ensure every eligible citizen is registered to vote and make it easier to update their voting information.

Early voting, S2950 and A2064.  New Yorkers should have a two-week period including Saturdays and Sundays to ease long lines on Election Day and give voters flexibility as they juggle work and family obligations.

New York Vote Acts, A5312, which would provide for automatic and same day registration, early voting, and no-excuse absentee voting, as well as additional protection for voters.

Preclearance, A5925, ensures that no citizen is denied their right to vote based on race or minority status. It requires counties with populations with at least 10 percent of any racial, ethnic, or language minority  group to get approval from the New York State Attorney General before making any changes to the voting  process, such as changing poll site locations or purging the voter list.

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