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Our democracy is strongest when all of us are heard. Voting is how we can make a difference, and it’s one of the most important rights we have as U.S. citizens.

As New Yorkers, our daily lives are filled with concerns we expect our local government to address, from the safety of our streets and neighborhoods, to the quality of our public schools, to the cost of living and access to good jobs. That’s why we support voting reforms that give every eligible voter the opportunity to have a say. We need election laws that:

  • Encourage all voters to participate in our democracy
  • Guarantee that every eligible voter is registered to vote
  • Take down long-standing barriers to participation for underserved communities
  • Ensure that every voter has a good voting experience.

If we’re going to make a difference, we need your voice in this fight, too. Join us as we continue advocating for election laws that serve the people who matter most to our democratic process—the voters. Add your name today!


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