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Vote Better NY is led by voters and for voters like you. Help us spread the word about the voting reforms we need by taking one or more of the actions below.

SHARE OUR GRAPHICS – Post one of our graphics with #VoteBetterNY and tag your legislator, using one of our sample messages (or come up with your own!).




New Yorkers deserve the same convenience that voters in 37 states already have -- #earlyvoting. Join us in urging state lawmakers to give us more time at the polls. Sign and share the #VoteBetterNY petition for reform at http://www.votebetterny.org/.





Voting is one our most sacred rights as citizens. Yet in 2013, the Supreme Court got rid of key protections in the Voting Rights Act. That's why #VoteBetterNY is advocating to restore those protections. Sign the petition at http://www.votebetterny.org/




Elections should work for the people who matter most – the voters. Help pass the Voter Empowerment Act! It will help ensure every citizen is registered to vote and can update their voting information easily. Sign and share the #VoteBetterNY petition at http://www.votebetterny.org/.



TELL US WHY YOU WANT VOTING REFORM – New Yorkers deserve better voting laws. Tell us why you support Vote Better NY by posting a selfie with your own #VoteBetterNY placard!



AND DON’T FORGET – Sign and share the petition today so we can continue gathering support.